Give Your Android Tablet A Boost with these Tips and Tricks

tipsIf you have begun to experience a slow-running tablet, there are some steps you can take to increase its speed, performance and memory space. Much like a smartphone – the steps to improve performance do not require a lot of technical knowledge or skill, just a keen eye and a few minutes of your time. Oftentimes this requires no additional software. Below are 5 basic tips to help give your Android tablet an extra push.

1. Update Your Operating System
If you have been holding off on installing the newest software update for your device, you may be causing your tablet to operate slower and in an unsafe fashion. Oftentimes, updates come packed with performance enhancements and security updates that can improve how your device runs. Once you have performed your update, go through and make sure any apps that aren’t set to automatically update are scheduled to do so.

2. Buy a MicroSD Card
Move any large audio, video and photo files to an SD card to help free up memory space. You can also move apps to your SD card, but remember, this may increase the start up time for said apps. If you don’t want to invest in a microSD card, simply connect your device to your computer and transfer the files there. Once on your computer, you can move them to a separate disk or flash drive for safe keeping.

3. Remove Old and Unused Apps
Open your app drawer and take a look at what is installed. If you have any apps that you don’t use anymore, delete them. Not only do these unused apps take up memory space, but they can also operate in the background without your knowledge- using precious data and causing your tablet to slow down.

4. Disable Apps That You Can’t Uninstall
We are all familiar with the bloatware that comes pre-installed on every mobile device. For those that you don’t use – disable them. You can disable these apps by navigating to Settings – General Settings and then Apps. Once your apps list is displayed – find the app you’d like to disable. Select the app and you should see an option to disable. Tap disable and a message will appear asking if you would like to turn off the pre-installed app. Select yes. This app will no longer be visible and it will be unable to operate in the background. If you find, later on, that you’d like to use one of these apps, simply navigate back to it in the same way and select enable.

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If you find your device is still not performing up to your standards after trying some of these tips, you can look into an optimization app to help boost your tablet’s performance.

Many of these apps will take optimization a step further than our tips by deleting empty file folders, clearing app caches, killing apps that are running in the background, deleting downloaded files and clearing temporary files.